R.A. Leslie
coaching a life-style of happiness

Rosanne Leslie

R.A. Leslie is an Los Angeles based intuitive catalyst for people who are seeking positive and transformative results in their lives, immediately.  She has authored and self-published three books; is a public speaker; innovator and has catapulted herself through such oppositions as divorce, single parenting, adversity and domestic violence.  She is passionate about teaching others how to overcome their perceived limitations in all areas of their lives.

Through Leslie’s coaching model, individuals are guided to explore their natural inclinations, uncover their unique gifts and learn how to create a life of new beliefs that support them in all areas of their lives. 

Fascinated about what makes people truly happy and curious to explore the root of joy, Leslie’s life has been transformed from a life of adversity and limited beliefs to a magical journey into the secrets of life’s meaning.

Leslie has been featured in Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Borders Books & Music and has led workshops on following your dreams in elementary schools and high schools. 

Photo by Bradford Gregory

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