R.A. Leslie
coaching a life-style of happiness

Rosanne LeslieFascinated about  what makes people truly happy and curious to explore the root of joy, my life has been a magical journey into the perennial questions that lead to the secrets of life's meaning.  

We all want to be happy.  Yet many of us are not.  Thinking we are happy is not the same as feeling joy and keeping that feeling regardless of our external circumstances. 

By guiding individuals in the direction of what brings them contentment every day, men and women discover that the extraneous parts of their lives does not have to dictate whether they can be happy or not.

Through my Find Me sessions women and men can uncover their purpose and passion in life at any age.  The Find Me brand evolved over several years as I motivated myself through the challenges of single parenting and following my own dreams.

With Find Me coaching, one can learn how to live the dream of Who They Truly Are.  It takes courage to create:  

Art. A New Reality. A painting. A poem. (a life). 

Pursuing the Dream of Who You Are is not a lofty pursuit. Fulfilling your dream is the most practical thing you can do for yourself and others.

Find Me and I will show you how to make your dreams come true...

Photo by Bradford Gregory

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