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James Hillman, author of A Blue Fire and one of today’s most imaginative thinkers, says, “Knowing our fantasy life is to know ourselves profoundly. From that particular kind of self-knowledge that is beyond ego comes a strong sense of destiny. … Continue reading

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“Some books make us dream,

others bring us face to face with reality, but what matters most to the author is the honesty with which a book is written” -Paulo Coelho

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Infinite nature,…

which is boundless Spirit, unutterable, not intelligible, outside of all imagination, beyond all essence, unnameable, known only to the heart. Robert Fludd, History of the Macrocosm

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Betrayal vs. Disillusionment

At a recent gathering with some friends, a discussion began about relationships, marriage and divorce.   The party consisted of about fifteen or so couples and I was the only hinge-less one there.  The topic of conversation should come as no … Continue reading

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To Y.O.U. …

(with love) I will always remember words—by…you. I have been called prophetic and sometimes even poetic(?) funny. (and not by you.) I was called a Stalker… (funn-ier yet—by who?) I have been called an  “All-About-Me-Some-Thing-or-Other” (By—you.) I have been told … Continue reading