The Preciousness of (Y.O.U.)

There is a
in the world and all that which is precious–
is you
is Me

We are all (that) valuable…
and we are more than the
videos(we)take too much-time-out-of-our-precious-lives
to watch
(and not)
(we are so busy
the very lives we should be…
We are more than the perfectly posed
Selfie’s. And no matter how adorable we need to feel
(these self-images)
are not images of our
(True Self)
These digitized imitations
or who we truly are.
And there are so many
(reels)to choose from!
These snip-its and cleverly calculated “filters”
cannot and do not convey who we are
(authentically) to
Unlike the (precious) sun
There is no real warmth).
Bright and blinding.
(No real comfort)
We cannot see,
up, down and all-around.
And aren’t we all too isolated anyway?
Technologically close
Tangibly at bay
That Screen–shields us
from ourselves.
(From others too.)
Instead of turning the camera on ourselves,
why not reach out to another fellow human and have them
do the clicking-this-one-time!
They cannot be far away and if they are?
Get outside and find someone to relate to
Ask them to turn the camera on
you 😉
break free from
The Screen
Invite another into
(real world)
you never know–
you might just make a
(real friend)
(but golly, so worth it!)

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