Absent Minded Love

Me:  are you mad that I love you?

You:  yes, it scares me.

Me:  if you prefer torture, i can love you to death (and you will die most happy and satisfied.)

You:  hmmm. dying seems easier than love.

Me:   dying is not easier, it is just not–living.  Love is scary because it makes you feel–alive.

You:  if i love you, i am afraid of…

Me:   being happy?

You:  i am conflicted.

Me: because, love-is-new-to-you.

You:  can you forget someone and still love them?

Me: why would you want to forget me? (but i think it can be done. if i try really hard, i can forget you and–still love you.)

You:  really?

Me:  yes, it is called Absent Minded Love.

You:  i want you to always remember me and to remind me what love is.  i will come find you tomorrow, just in case you forget to Find Me…

Me: (i can’t wait for your tomorrow to be my today…)


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One Response to Absent Minded Love

  1. Lisa Gamache says:

    Thank you, my darlin’! I love the way you think, and appreciate all that you are. ONE in a MILLION!

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