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“I must say I’m very happy about my experiences with, Rosanne.  I gained a lot of wonderful perspective from her in such a short amount of time.   She is an extraordinary listener.  She’s very personable, informative, giving, caring and attentive.  I most certainly would recommend my closest friends and family to her.  Very thankful for my time spent with her.”

~ Jake S.

"This is my first coaching experience, so at first I had reservations about pursuing a coaching relationship.  Within the first few sessions I knew I made the right choice not only in hiring a coach, but by choosing Rosanne.  Rosanne has so much life/coaching experience and a vast knowledge base which allowed her to confidently guide me on a number of important areas in my life.  Additionally, she is very in-tune with her intuition and it is spot on.  I have grown personally and professionally through the relationship, which has yielded me both tangible and intangible results.  My perceptions, habits, health and thoughts have changed which allows me to continue to make progress towards my goals and lead a better life-style, daily.  If you are thinking about hiring a coach, I would recommend connecting with Rosanne."

Robert J.

"Rosanne has turned my life around in a very profound way.  At a point in time I felt the world slowly devouring me, I met Rosanne.  She has given me tools to climb out and make my life my own.  Without dismissing the difficult hurdles in the way, I feel positive and free of those things that were literally pressing me to the ground.  Instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed and anxious, Rosanne has made me feel supported, valued and validated, more focused and definitely healther.  This is not without effort and dedication, but with her caring words and actions, and a plan that is suited just for me, Rosanne has guided me back towards my true self.  Rosanne listens.  She follows through.  And she holds me accountable without making me feel like I have somehow failed when I misstep.  I feel like a person again, like the "me" I want to be, and because of Rosanne I am ready to reclaim my dreams and chase them with enthusiasm!"

Christine Edwards Arcaris


"What fascinated me most while working with Rosanne is that she felt where my chains were hidden and guided me to amazing power and quirky traits I had not paid much attention to. I'm a badass and I'm funny?  Cool.  She promised to have my back and she did.  Her intuition is priceless; even two months after our last session things come up,which she had alerted me to and only now the penny dropped.   When Rosanne happens to you, you can be sure--it's what you need right then and there."

Angie Weihs

Social Entrepreneur, Writer & Quantum Rebel

"With Rosanne's guidance and expertise, I have been given a new outlook on life with a new hope and excitement for the future.  Rosanne truly cares about helping you and our sessions have never felt rushed or rehearsed.  She is gunuine, insightful and her intuition is always "spot on".  By helping me manage my emotions through some very difficult times, with Rosanne's help I have always come out on top while still feeling in control.  The real work comes from within, but I cannot recommend Rosanne enough to keep you on track and motivated with her magical daily talks and new ideas to incorporate into your life (that really work)."

Aslheligh Louer

Make Up Artist/Social Entrepreneur

"Insightful, intuitive and deeply empathetic, Rosanne has a unique capacity to delve into the heart of what is troubling you and impeding your progress.  She will productively prod you along, lovingly.  If you follow her recommendations, you will feel relief and your life experience will be transformed for the better.  Rosanne helped me through a brutally painful transition in my life with wisdom, clarity and creativity, and I am deeply grateful for her influence.  She went above and beyond what I ever expected from a life-coach, and helped me turn my life around.  I now live in a new city, have a great new job and a new lease on life, and I don't think I could have done it without her.  Thank you Rosanne!"

--Lisa Gamache Rodriguez, Vocal Artist

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"Honestly, when I imagine where I was just a year ago to where I am today is mind-numbing.  Rosanne guided me out of the darkest place and taught me how to manage similar situations for the future.  With her guidance I feel I can handle anytng now.  I am confident her crystal clear mind and guidance can help anyone to get their life back on track."

Sean MacInnes, College Student

"Rosanne's guidance allowed me to find myself again and regain the focus I needed to sprint--not run--toward my destiny.  The time I spend with Rosanne, is always honest, true and empowering.  She vibrates on such a highly positive level that one cannot help but to be uplifted as well. Thanks to Rosanne's coaching, I never have any bad days anymore--never--and the people around me have taken notice. I will be forever grateful to Rosanne for empowering my existence and unleashing the dreamer within me into my reality. Thank you, Rosanne, for putting back the moon and stars in my sky."         

Max Gengos, Designer 

"During the past two years, I have been going through a variety of challenging changes in my life.  Rosanne has unfailingly proven to be an extremely intuitive, intelligent and sensitive coach! Not only is she always, unfailingly correct in her advice and counsel, she is absolutely non-judgmental, and never critical.  I have found her personal strength and resilience to be quite remarkable, and she is never hesitant to share a personal detail or experience to assist me in my own journey.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone facing a personal challenge."

T. Keller, Attorney 

"I think of Rosanne as my 'spirit Mama', one of those rare and beautiful souls in whose presence and with whose light, it is impossible not to shine.  Our conversations, our deliberations, our pontifications, our collaborations, our time together-frank, honest, unassuming, amusing, constructive, subjective, objective, empowering--are the key by which I unlocked and liberated my-Self.  Her coaching has benefited every aspect of my life and for this, she will always have a very special place in my heart.  Shakespeare once wrote, 'Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending', through Rosanne's coaching, I know of no sentiment so undeniably true."

Augustus Prew, Actor 

"I hired Rosanne during a very confusing and emotionally difficult time in my life.  I have used life coaches and have had many therapists in my life.  Rosanne is unique.  She is kind and sensitive and smart, but her true value lies in her incredibly accurate intuition, her ability to connect to your pain and confusion on a deeper level and then empower you to move through your process with clarity and strength.  Her approach, coupled with her personal spiritual and creative practices, not only informed me and moved me forward, but also inspired me.  She gave me the clarity and support I needed to make a traumatic shift in my life and I will be forever grateful." 

Sharon Bell, Artist

"The definition of a life coach in the purest sense.  Anything that's going on in your life, good or bad, she will have the guidance, or answers in images, shapes and metaphors.  This brilliant woman will drag you out of whatever dark pit you find yourself trapped in and will work hard to keep you out of it.  Rosanne has stood by me and been available when telling others of my problems wasn't an option.  I'm infinitely thankful for the help she has given me.

Johnny Stern, College Student, 

"Since I was a child my mother has taught me how to identify, accept and manifest all my thoughts and dreams.  I grew up with a woman who showed my brothers and I that we were in control of our lives, and that we could accomplish anything and everything we wanted.  She taught me how to love and be loved, how to forgive but not forget, how to equally give and take, and most of all how to listen to everyone, but more importantly, listen to myself. I learned from her that being "alone" and "lonely" are two very different things.  You will be the one Constant from the beginning till the end of your life, so if you "find" that person, loneliness will never be a part of you.  It was this Positive Outlook on life I was raised with, that led me to always journey confidently into whatever aspiration I had.  At a very young age I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and because of my mother, the possibility of failure was never even a thought.  My mother is Rosanne Leslie, and I am proud to say I was her first client.

Conor Leslie-Actor 

“Rosanne's insight is incredible--she will tell you things about yourself that you would never see or feel on your own. Her intuitive sense is always dead on. She has taught me how to live my dreams without fear, to witness my actions with clarity, and face my feelings with openness and honesty. Rosanne also helped me clear away barriers that were keeping me from success in my career and in building meaningful romantic relationships. With her guidance, I have now started to grow my own intuition and tap into the greater power within.”

Mallory Norton, Business Owner, Manupinteriors.com

"From the moment we serendipitously met you have been a very positive person in my life.  Your stay-focused attitude through thick and thin has encouraged me to stay positive in every perception.  Your intuitive gift never fails.  You taught me how to turn away from watching and listening to whom and what has no value.  To only focus on the worthwhile so I can keep my spirit in balance. The spiritual disciplines and lessons learned from you are always my "go to" place. Thank you.” 

Marsha Larner
, Student of Life, Mother & Grandmother

“Welcome to a different coach—one who recognizes the heart is the soul’s own apothecary, you need nothing else! Simply ask and you shall receive, Rosanne will help you clear away the ivy, covered golden path to YOUR life...........

It’s a short season, don't waste another moment!”


"Rosanne has been one of the most influential and positive role models of my life. I can honestly say that because of her time, integrity and effort, it has definitely helped me achieve the ability to be happy and maintain a healthy lifestyle that I have longed for and know I truly deserve."

Carlos Aponte, Student & Urban Yogi

"Rosanne is one of the most passionate and understanding people to talk to that I have ever met. When you are telling her what is going on in your life or career, she is listening with intent and helps bring you to a solution. She may or may not give you the answer to your challenge, as she wants you to find it for yourself with some critical thinking. It's the critical thinking that helps you with future challenges, having you think about it in another light. Thanks for everything, Rosanne!”

Holly Del Rosso, Fitness Trainer 

 “Rosanne has shown me how to recognize and verbalize what is in my heart. I admire her honesty, passion in her beliefs and how true she is to herself and others.  She reminds me that everything is possible, if we believe, and really want it.”

Janet Feld, 

"I am incredibly thankful to have Rosanne in my life.  She's taught me to harness and cultivate my good thoughts and dreams in order to achieve my goals.  Her "Find Me" journal is something I feel fortuante to have because it keeps me on track by reminding me of what I need to focus on each day of the week.  Since I started working with her, I'm much happier and a lot more confident about my future."

Emily Bennett,  Jewelry & Clothing Designer 

Chasing Rainbows Book Reviews

"Chasing Rainbows was a journey for me.  Raw and honest, I felt the trials of my own relationship echoing in my ear.  The difference was that this book set it all straight.  It gave me validation to move forward, despite the trials.  Every word, every paragraph, every day written was a lesson in bravery and perseverance, love and hope.  There are quotes at every turn I could write down and post up in my room (or make a bookmark!).  Why was it a journey?  Because the end is almost irrelevant, like time.  What happens postscript may be a culmination of things, but the jurney on getting there--being supported by true love, past or present--is what we all crave and need.  Little Warrior was sustained by her love, and that is what got her through to the end."

Christine Edwards Arcaris

"Chasing Rainbows breathes life into what Love is.  Upon reading each word, the mind and heart awaken and feel, together.  Chasing Rainbows is unafraid to show that love should never be safe or comfortable, but rather love is a jump, a jaunt, a jolt, an electricity that feeds the soul.  Why live a dim life when you can turn up the lights and take in the whole experience?"

Max Gengos, Designer 


"Chasing Rainbows is an inspiring collection of thoughts and poems so uplifting and honest in their exploration of love and the intricaies of the soul, one cannot help but be moved and enlightened by this fairy tale of our times."        

Augustus Prew, Actor           


“Chasing Rainbows is like absinthe.  It is at once healing and intoxicating.  Each and every word I imbibed led me to another dimension of my soul and elevated my senses to a higher plane of existence.”  

Jennifer V. Pereira, Linguist


"Rosanne's story, "Chasing Rainbows", is penned with soft imagination and sharp intelligence. Along this self-healing journey I am reminded of the magic and power of words, sealed and read in silence."

Remi Falquet, Yoga instructor


"...this book is going to whisper from the shelves of many 'read me' and it will cure so many hearts! I couldn't stop reading till my eyes were sore.. some day barriers will be broken and a mere mention of chasing rainbows will ignite a room with chitter-chatter and valuable conversation."

Wendy, Vermeulen, Forensic Psychologist


"Love" is tossed around so carelessly like so many other four letter words, after reading "Chasing Rainbows" you will awaken to the power, the authenticity, and the natural beauty of the "state of love", and from that moment on, honor it with the reverence that it so richly deserves.

KO~Musician, songwriter  


"Your book spoke to me. Or I should say, YOU spoke to me. Ah, but this all captures a mere slice of the response I had to your words, Rosanne. We'll talk 'til they turn up the chairs........."         

Gregg Levoy, Author and Public Speaker








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