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Topics of Discussion:

  • The Bonding Chemistries of Love: Sexual, Spiritual & Emotional 
  • How to Let Go of the past first, before committing to your next relationship.
  • Healing old wounds, alone.
  • Why alone is not always lonely.
  • Why sex is not the answer and intimacy is.
  • Is it Love? Infatuation? Lust?
  • What signs can the single man look out for, so his "first" marriage has longevity.
  • What action steps to take when the marriage, the "love" becomes the loneliest place our hearts end up.
  • Leaving the dysfunctional marriage/relationship, without losing your dignity and self-identity.
  • Learning how to become compassionate, open, gentle and affectionate--again. 
  • How to not fear your emotions so you can allow real love in.
  • How to make yourself vulnerable to another after the loss and disappointment of marriage and divorce.
  • Trusting and loving someone new, by remembering who they are not.
  • Humility's Gift: when the anger ceases:  
  • Forgiveness:  why it feels so good and why it is The Ultimate Gift to your-self.

Each 90 min session will cover one topic and area of interest based on what the group chooses for each weekly sessioin.  Workshop/discussion includes, the Chasing Rainbows book.

For further information and dates, please contact r.a. leslie at seeuatnoon@gmail.com.

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