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Creating The New Story of You!

Our lives begin with stories and dreams inside of us waiting to be discovered and then brought into the world. Oftentimes childhood messages conflict with who we truly are and life can send us on a trajectory that only pulls us farther away from our true selves.


There is a place inside of every human heart that is the most sacred part of who we are.  It is the quiet voice that speaks to us of love, of dreams--of hope.  When we listen to that inner voice the story of you and your dreams will speak to you, identifying and nourishing your Dharma, Purpose, Calling, and raison d'être...

Our Selves is where our dreams reside.

R.A. Leslie intuitive coaching directs individuals into the powerful world of their imagination where creative information is boundless, waiting to be utilized and tapped into.  With R.A. Leslie’s guidance clients learn how to properly direct their creative energies and discover the potential to manifest empires and worlds. Our wildest dreams turn into realities.

 (The Stage of Life is yours for you to claim--- and there is room for every-One... )

Whether you are in the first chapter of your life or the fifth, you do not have to wait decades to discover what your personal story is. With R.A. Leslie you learn how to tap into your imagination and bring forth your best self--now.
What is that thing called chemistry? Science says one thing and our hearts say another.
Creative Intuition Journal Workshop Course includes complimentary journal
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